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'J.Joutsi' (aloitettu: 18.8.2012 * viimeisimmät lisäykset: 20.9.2012)

2009-2010 :

Conference Premier * '5th level' :

('Nican45'): Mansfield Town's football ground ~ Mansfield Town v Oxford United, Blue Square Premier, 22 September 2009.
A non-league game between two former league teams now in the fifth tier of English football and hoping to gain promotion to the league this season. This game attracted nearly 4000 spectators. A general view of Mansfield's ground, Field Mill, during the pre-match warm-up.
I remember going there many years ago - 1960s - when I lived in Nottingham, presumably for a game involving either Forest or Notts County. The ground has changed beyond all recognition since then!

('Nican45'): Oxford started the game previously unbeaten after 11 games this season, but Mansfield scored two goals in the first 25 minutes. Oxford recovered in the second half and scored once, but they couldn't equalise and the match ended 2-1 to Mansfield. Here Oxford attack the Mansfield goal at the start of the second half.

2010-2011 :

Conference Premier * '5th level' :

2011-2012 :

Conference Premier * '5th level' :

2012-2013 :

Conference Premier * '5th level' :

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